Hand-dived Les Ecrehous scallops with green tomato, asparagus, yoghurt and hazelnuts

Recipe from Number 10 Restaurant in Jersey
Taken from our book – Slice of Jersey

This dish is all about sourcing a great ingredient: hand-dived scallops are so good in Jersey and we’re very lucky to get them. It’s easiest for the divers in summer, so I have paired them with classic summer flavours. The sweetness of the scallop is offset by the sharpness of the tomato.

6 hand-dived scallops
500g green tomatoes
Olive oil
1 lime
4 spears asparagus
100g hazelnuts
200g Greek yoghurt
Serves 2

For the scallops, remove the roe and slice in half horizontally.
For the tomatoes, remove the pulp and place in a mixing bowl, combine the pulp to taste with salt, olive oil and lime juice to make a dressing.
Slice the asparagus spears into rounds as thin as possible.
Roast the hazelnuts until golden brown, allow to cool, then chop in half.
The day before, hang the yoghurt in muslin to remove any excess water, season the remaining yoghurt with salt.
To cook the scallops, heat a pan over a high heat with a little oil, sear the scallops cut side down until golden brown, flip over and remove from heat immediately, season with sea salt. 
To assemble, divide the dressing between two bowls, add six small dollops of yoghurt, sprinkle over the chopped asparagus. Place one half scallop on each dot of yoghurt, top with a sprinkle of hazelnuts.

Photography by Catherine Hill

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