Do you love milk chocolate but have an intolerance to dairy? Are you gluten-free or a vegan? The NOMO (No Missing Out) bars are perfect for you. Coming in a variety of flavours such as caramel and sea salt, fruit and crunch (my favourite) and creamy chocolate they are almost certain to appeal to most chocolate lovers.

Being available in two sizes you are able to enjoy a sneaky guilt-free treat as often as you like.  But why restrict yourself to enjoying them by themselves? You can treat them like any other chocolate bar and melt them over bananas or strawberries, put them into your favourite brownie recipe or maybe melt them over a pan of boiling water, allow to cool a bit and add cream before folding into whisked egg whites to make a delicious mousse. The possibilities are endless!

Making gluten-free vegan chocolate bars is not an easy thing to do – in fact I believe it is quite complex. So Nomo have done a fantastic job in what they have created, if you haven’t sampled them yet I really suggest you do so soon.


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