One of the most useful benefits of social media is the recommendations given by others. For me these usually comprise of restaurants, drinks or food but earlier in the week I found a cookbook suggestion, inspiring me to order straight away. It is not a new book having been published 12 months ago, but it is a beautiful book. Gold in the Vineyard was written by Laura Catena, the MD of Catena Zapata in Argentina, one of the worlds most celebrated vineyards.

The book differs from most in that the text is accompanied by beautiful illustrations throughout. It has been brilliantly researched and profiles 12 wineries across the world. The noteworthy aspect is that these 12 comprise some of the finest on the planet. Catena starts with the (sometimes) ancient history of the vineyard where applicable, before bringing us to modern times with profiles and little know facts. It is not a tome by any means, or exhaustive, but it is not meant to be. It is a Grand Cru snapshot that you can dip in and out of, winery by winery. There is more useful and intriguing knowledge to be found here than in books twice its size, and plenty of previously unknown facts to impress your friends with.

Highly recommended.

Buy now from Amazon by clicking the book below.

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