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Lovers and explorers of English Wines are invited to join our Tribe. We will take you on a journey through the vineyards of England and Wales, discovering beautiful bottes from smaller vineyards alogside your favourites. As a Tribe member you will receive a 6 bottle case every other month for just £99 (billed 10 days before delivery), along with a link to view a film and interview with the winemakers themselves. Each case will typically contain 2 wines from 3 vineyards to enable you to discover their style.

Your wines will always be less expensive than if you had purchasd them all directly. 

Since 2001

About English Wine Tribe //

I remember looking around Bearsted Vineyards with Clive Barlow MW circa 1996 having learnt it was to be grubbed up. We sadly had to pass on the opportunity and it subsequently was. How the wine landscape in Kent, and indeed the UK  has changed over the past 25 years. Who would have thought that famous Champagne Houses would be buying up acres of land to plant? It is quite remarkable and still really in its infancy. Our tribe celebrates English Wine and that it has to offer.   

Our Vision

To celebrate English Wines and all they have to offer by introducing our tribe to smaller, less well know vineyards alongside their larger counterparts. 

Our Mission

To increase awareness and knowledge of English wines amongst our tribe through education, tastings and tours. 

Our Values

We know that all English Wine is not perfect, just as all French wine  is not perfect. We promise that we have tasted and evaluated every wine we share with you. We are never going to buy bad wine just because it is cheap. 

Bi-monthly cases

Your English Wine Tribe case will be sent out on the 10th of February, April, June, August, October and December and costs £99. The case can be all white, all red or mixed. Typically each 6 bottle case will have wines from 3 wineries. You may upgrade to include sparkling wine as well for an additional £15.

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We go way beyond tasting notes for our tribe members, we make films about each vineyard to accompany each delivery.  The films are shot at the vineyard and include an interview about the wines with the winemaker themselves.  

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Innovative Ideas

We are working on AR technology to help you behind the label even more. This is such an exciting prospect that we plan to start when membership numbers warrant it. 

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Who doesn’t love a vineyard tour? We certainly do! Our private members tours are a great way to meet fellow Tribe members and the winemakers to learn more about the wines and viticulture. 

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We will be travelling to all corners of the UK to put on tastings, often with a wine maker on hand to offer even more expert guidance.  

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A Tribe is all about community, and we are no different. We will have dedicated pages for each months case for you to discuss the wines. We will fully stand by our selections, but it is ok if you disagree!



What do our members have to say? 

Below you can find out what our members have to say about the club. 

Mitchell West


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Sara Pollard


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We Can’t Wait for you to join us!

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