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There are multiple way we can work with you as detailed below. Our main criteria is that our members would be interested and your product is of a sufficiently high standard.

Become a Supporter – As a Supporter you will be listed in our Supporters directory with a full page about you. If you produce a spirit or wine then we may also stock your product in our store (after tasting). 

Product reviews – We are happy to receive products to review but we offer no guarantee of inclusuion. For products we love we will conduct an interview or write an article about it.  

Press Invites – Although we cannot accept every invitation we will give it full considertion.

Content – If you are an expert in your field and would like to write an essay about it, we would love to discuss. 


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Product Reviews

We welcome samples of drinks and food.. We offer no guarantee of inclusion, but if we do then we will also be likely to write a feature on you. David is a judge at the Great Taste Awards so you can be assured of fairnesss. 

Press Visits

If our schedule allows we always try to attend press trips and visits. We will always give our members an honest review of our experience. 


If you would like us to offer our members a discount then please contact us to discuss. We will require a sample first to ensure our strict quality standards are met. 

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