In this interview I chat with Chris from the Henstone Distillery.

Tell us a little about how easy or hard it was to set up your distillery? 
It is not easy setting up a distillery! I’d had a yearning to get involved in the spirit business for quite a few years and the opportunity came along when I ‘retired’ from corporate life (more than 40 years in IT and Telecoms) and took a part time job at a brewery owned by friends. I immediately started suggesting we could buy a tiny still (from e-bay) and turn a little of the brewery’s beer into ‘whisky’. Quite rightly, from many angles, my friends resisted this but following a bit more badgering they suggested we go into business and set up a distillery – Henstone was born as a result! The name of the company reflecting the family homes of both sides of the partnership.

Loads and loads of planning followed and this is where much of the hard work is as it is all theoretical at this stage. We had to apply for licences, apply for grants, plan building changes, search for (and do due diligence) on a variety of suppliers from the obvious still manufacturers down to floor surface replacement and flue installation, bottle suppliers, brand agencies, etc.

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